What to Expect from the Wireless Screen Duplication Evolution

Jack Dunkley
Nov 15, 2021
What to Expect from the Wireless Screen Duplication Evolution

The adoption of wired screen duplication solutions has become increasingly widespread in the automotive industry since 2015, with 84% of models on sale in 2020 coming as standard or with the option of having either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay equipped, our research suggests this adoption curve was one of the quickest in recent history. With technology, both in vehicles and in mobile phones, forever improving, wireless solutions are starting to come to the forefront. What can we expect to see from this wireless technology push?


In this blog insight, we use VehiclePlannerPlus, an online product planning tool with access to a broad (and deep) set of automotive US market data that allows for fast insights. We will examine the increasing popularity of these wired screen duplication solutions to understand the most effective way to predict the future for their wireless counterparts. 



Below is a chart showcasing how the availability of wired solutions has taken off since 2015.

As can be seen from the chart above, the initial uptake of the wired solutions between the years of 2015 and 2019 was fast, so fast in fact, that we see the relative growth Year Over Year being somewhere between 125%-150%. 2019 and 2020, brought market saturation for these features (albeit, more prevalently for CarPlay), leading this year-on-year percentage increase to slow as expected. Using this data we can overlay the above results, and combine them with present wireless growth patterns, add some assumptions and then predict how wireless versions of these screen duplication solutions will saturate the market over the next 5 years, breaking it down into all fitment types (standard or optional) and purely standard fitment.

Below are the charts outlining where we predict the availability of both wireless Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay will be up to for MY 2025. The first chart being for all fitment types, the second being for standard fitment only.

As vehicle infotainment systems progress, so will the wireless connectivity and technology linked to those systems. That is why by the year 2025 we can see the number of wireless screen duplication solutions having at least a 75% market saturation rate, and a standard fitment rate being close to 60% in models available. From our wired screen duplication data, it can be seen that standard fitment rate tends to be approximately 85% of the standard or optional fitment rate and it can be assumed that this trend will pass on to the wireless solutions also.

Another key aspect to consider is how wireless screen duplication will affect the fitment of wireless charging technology in vehicles. Apple has been rumoured to be removing the charging port from iPhones in the near future, so this has the potential to push the acceptance of wireless charging, and with it, wireless screen duplication solutions in vehicles. Although these technologies are not mutually inclusive, they are complimentary offerings in this sense and it would be worth watching the correlation between these two technologies closely as this adoption accelerates.


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